And he’s off

September 7th, 2005

He was excited. I was excited. PJ said she would miss him and KP threw a cup at him and laughed. His backpack was packed, his items were marked and he was ready to start on his next adventure…KINDERGARTEN.

He stepped on that big empty bus with all the courage he could muster as old crabby Bill the bus drive welcomed him aboard and PJ and I waved him goodbye.

Three hours later, the bus returns and deposits CT at his stop. Out he comes smiling from ear to ear exclaiming that he LOVED IT and that his favorite part of the day was making new friends.

He told me about some of the work that they did at school and that he brought it home to put on the fridge. He pulled it out and showed me. On his first day of Kindergarten they worked on writing A’s, big and small. I looked at it, started to tear-up and thought to myself…what a great place to start!

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