Log jam

December 7th, 2005


Liv’n la vita Karma

December 6th, 2005

Right now I am reaping the rewards of play date sharing. One mom steps up to the plate and take the kids, the next time it is your turn. You see, I don’t just set-up play dates for the benefit of my kids. Many times it actually makes it easier having another living soul in the house mixing things up a bit.

This morning I had two souls, one for PJ and one for CT. It was good. I was prepped and ready for the adventure of having five kids versus three. I had several things planned once “just playing” went south, then I fed them all lunch and then they all went home.

Twenty minutes later, my kids were both picked up and whisked off for the second playdate of the day. Is it a bit of over kill? YES. Are they going to be crabby and tired and nasty when they come home tonight? YES. Am I going to be kicking myself for accepting this last minute afternoon playdate? YES.

But right now, in this one moment, I have the joint to myself and I can do anything I want in peace and quiet. I have the goose bumps!


December 5th, 2005

My dad popped over early this morning. 8:23 to be exact and loaded with a big bag of candy canes for the kids. After they were done mauling him, we had the following conversation.

Have you talked to your mother this morning?

No, why?

I’m surprised she hasn’t called you yet.

WHAT? What’s going on?

I went out for coffee with the guys this morning and before I left I took the garbage and recycling out. And when I came back, your mother had already brought the bins back in.

Yeah, so?

Well, she was Christmas shopping yesterday and she left all the bags on the table…I thought they were garbage. I threw EVERYTHING away.

I let out a large gasp, followed by a loud shriek, all the while holding my hands to my face and squeezing my eyes shut so tight in hopes that if I didn’t see him that he really didn’t do what he just said he did.


Yeah, I know. I’m in trouble, she’s pretty mad. It really did look like garbage.

Oh bloody hell

December 3rd, 2005

Yesterday morning I awoke to CT screeching at the top of his lungs, “maaaamaaaaaa, maaaamaaaaa, I’m bleeeediiiinnggggg!” I shot up and scuttled into the bathroom. He had a bloody nose. And this bloody nose was a good one. He had made a blood trail that started from the pool of blood left behind in his bed, to the drops of blood going down the stairs, and then the spattered blood all over the white bathroom tile and toilet bowl and all the blood still drip, drip, dripping into the toilet water and finally ending the trail with the brownish-scarlet blood that was starting to dry all over his face, hands, right big toe and pajamas.

As I sit here recounting all the blood, I can’t believe I didn’t even once think about getting my camera.

And you think who needs what?

December 2nd, 2005

I have been working as a stay at home single parent this week. Adam has been on a business trip to Europe. I know, it’s crazy, who on earth would leave me to my own devices with three kids for an entire week?

Anyway, the kids are very excited to have daddy come home tonight. And since he will be getting in late, I told them they would see him first thing in the morning. I also told them that I would be running in the morning, as I usually do on Saturday mornings. So dad will be in charge until I get home around breakfast time.

CT looked at me and said, “Mom, I really think you should stay home, daddy is going to need to rest, he’s had a very long trip.”

Savior Sal?

December 1st, 2005

The new book on my bedside table is How to Behave So Your Preschooler Will, Too!, by Sal Severe (the book recommended to me twice by my pediatrician). I haven’t been so excited to read a parenting book in all my life and I haven’t even finished the introduction.

Why am I so excited you ask? Well, he claims his book can help me deal with issues, such as:
• How to get your preschooler to listen the FIRST time you ask her to do something.
• How to get your preschooler to behave without you getting angry.
• How to redirect misbehavior into correct behavior.
• How to use incentives without bribing.
• How to correct your children without conflicts and power struggles.
• How to manage nagging, whining, and tantrums.

Who wouldn’t want that???

and, AND, it says right here on page 8 “You do not need to read this book from beginning to end. The chapters are designed to be read alone and even out of order and still make sense.”

Who is this God like mortal who speaks parenting wisdom from on high? I want to kiss him all over!