So here’s the deal

June 5th, 2007

That three year old I own, he’s trouble. So much trouble in fact that I might sell him to the gypsies. The one drawback…since he has brown eyes he won’t fetch as much as the blue eyed ones, but I guess that’s ok.

This child has complete disregard for what you say to him. Completely follows his own path whenever and to wherever he damn well pleases. Hits when he is dissed. Sings waaaay too loudly at the table while dinning. Wears long pants and his favorite long sleeved red shirt that he refers to as “my red shirt with something on it” (that “something” is buttons) in 80 degree weather. And then to top it off, he has started calling people Mr. Pots when he is angry because he has been told (and listened once) he can’t call people Stinky Pot Pies anymore.

The ax is dropping little one you best hang on to your hat and then fall in line.

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