Summer 201: Day 74

August 19th, 2011











Dad leaves for RAGNAR.

Good Luck, be safe, run like the wind!

Summer 2011: Day 52

July 30th, 2011








And if you want to see Honey Adam in action….here you go!

Summer 2011: Day 43

July 21st, 2011











Do you see who that is?

My husband running next to My coach.

He has showed up to run hills at Kenwood. He is training with MY coach! WTH? Not sure he’s allowed, but he’s here.

I think the first thing out of this mouth to Di was, “Yeah, I’m gonna run Mary right off the fucking team!”

Game on baby!

Oh, welcome to the team.

Happy 41 Baby!

July 12th, 2011

A + M = Furniture

December 20th, 2010

Happy 17th Anniversary baby!

Buy the ticket…take the ride!

November 12th, 2010

I saw that saying on a bumper sticker yesterday and totally love it.  It’s kinda how we roll over here.

Adam and his business partners have uprooted themselves and moved camp from Minneapolis to San Francisco to make some good inroads with their start up Evolve.

If you’re a gamer, sign up and give it a test drive.

40’s got noth’n on you baby!

July 12th, 2010

What else is there to say…Happy 40th Birthday!

I love you!

Hell yeah…

March 6th, 2010

What else is there to do in Minnesota in March?

Adam and the “No Daddy No” team took to Lake Calhoun for the Polar Bear Plunge 2010.


February 19th, 2010

I used to think Adam was so HOT in High School.

And after 23 years, not much has changed in that regard.

I love you.

Happy Anniversary, again.

Silver Holloware…married so long now no Traditional gift exists

December 20th, 2009

Right this moment, when I look out the window, it looks just like it did when Adam and I walked down Michigan Avenue 16 years ago.  It was dark and the snow was falling in big beautiful flakes, as the light from the street lamps bounced off them.  We had decided at the end of dinner that night, that we were going to Vegas to get married, and literally…we were on our way.

That was 16 years ago.

We only called one person from the plane, our old roommate Pat, who we had just spent the night with after seeing a Paul Westerberg concert.  (Happy Birthday Pat!)

We didn’t give a moments thought to where we might sleep, who was going to marry us, what we were going to wear or where we were going to get married. Who cares about such details?

So we forged ahead.  Hours later, we found ourselves walking towards the alter, for all three of those steps, wedding music played out of a boom box.   A stranger stood before us with a bible, some words of wisdom and we exchanged vows with tears in our eyes, knowing THIS was it.  Knowing we could do anything, together.

Thanks for being my partner in crime babe…I love you!

Happy Anniversary.