Summer 2011: Day 67

August 13th, 2011











What on earth have I been waiting for?  Ohhh Sea Salt!











I’m not sure how your Birthday night ended…but I am guessing real fine!

Happy Birthday.

Summer 2011: Day 34

July 10th, 2011

Uncle Erik and Adam’s birthday party!

The Cat Man

March 23rd, 2009

This is our friend Erik.

We have known him for a VERY long time.

He was over for dinner last week and while we were tipping back some wine and chatting, up pops Arthur to sit right next to him, just like this.

Arthur has no idea how close he is to freedom with this man.  If Erik had his druthers, he would steal our cats from us.

Even before we got Lucy, Erik never thought our cat ownership skills were ever really up to snuff and I know he has secret designs on how he is going to take them far away from their chaotic kitty cat hell hole or as I like to call it, our lovely home.

But just so you know Cat Man, you aren’t getting’em, know matter how much they love you up.

PJ’s favorite birthday present EVER

May 14th, 2008

Heeeeeeeeeres Whiskey!

Yes, PJ named her hamster WHISKEY.

Daily thankful thinking

November 20th, 2007

As I meander along this week, I have been trying to be present with my thoughts; being especially mindful of whom in my life I am thankful for.

After I dropped KP off at school I thought I would treat myself to a coffee while I figured out the logistics of the 20 person Thanksgiving feast we are about to embark on.  For some reason I skipped right past Caribou Coffee and their delicious lattes and signature blends and found myself at Bruegger’s Bagels with a nice cup of hot hazelnut coffee in my hands.

As I sat down and started sipping my coffee I thought of Erik, who if he were sitting next to me at the table, would first set out to tell me the errors of my coffee drinking ways, then would gag or maybe even vomit a little in his mouth at the fact that ANYONE (especially someone who considers themself a friend) would dare to think of drinking flavored coffee.

Erik…I tip my lovely, steaming hazelnut coffee to you today.


March 20th, 2005

Erik, are you there?

E-Rok takes the wheel

March 18th, 2005

Since I will be indisposed for several days, sunning myself, getting massages, and sipping margaritas pool-side, I have found a replacement to keep running smoothly. Drum roll please…the guest blogger is Erik! So, be kind to him. Comment often and by all means, don’t cut him any slack.

Starting tomorrow, the face of c-lunch will change, but only for a little while. Have fun and we’ll be checking in from places far, far away.