Teeth are not for biting!

April 29th, 2005

Yesterday, PJ got a taste of her own medicine…KP bit her. And, if you can’t see it clearly in the photo, there are seven little teeth marks for all seven of his little teeth. Now, she knows how other kids feel when she bites them.


Will this teach her? The jury is still out. Using this situation as a teaching tool, we talked about biting and how very much it hurts and how we DO NOT BITE!!! I could tell she was with me until her eyes glanced down; she touched her red and swollen bite, looked at me and said “He should do it on this side too, so this owie has a friend to play with.”

God help me.


April 28th, 2005

Yesterday the kids and I stopped into Old Navy to pick up a jacket. We walked by the sunglasses and I had to stop to try some on. KP had recently destroyed my last pair while playing at the park, so I am in dire need of something to cover my eyes. I put on a pair that possessed more glam than I would normally buy, threw my hair back, looked over at the kids and said, “So, what do ya think?” CT looked up at me and replied, “Wow mama, you look like a rock star!”

I almost bought them thinking to myself, kids are so honest and open that his vision of me in these sunglasses has to be spot on, right? After all, I did feel very sexy in them. Then I remembered something that happened earlier in the week. I was getting ready for the day and my hair was all down, which is not typically the case. CT ran into the room and looked at me, took a moment and then said, “Mama, you look like Oprah.”

So, I decided against the sunglasses.

Funk this

April 27th, 2005

What gives? I totally want out. Out of this fog, this funk, these last few days of blasé. Not that misery loves company, but it does make me feel a little better. I have asked several of my friends about their “state” and funny enough, I hear them singing the same sad song. Is it the weather or the barometric pressure that is the cause of this? I think we all may have a little something that isn’t so right, but not SO wrong either, and then the weather brushes over the top and just adds the right amount of yuck to concoct a sort of not right with the worldness.

My deal is this…I just don’t feel motivated to do much of anything. You know, the laundry, working out, the dishes, cleaning up cat vomit from two days ago, and all my other little “to do” items that I have written down. What I do find myself wanting to do is drink coffee, eat sugar and yes dabble in the red wine a touch or a touch too much. Maybe it is that time of the month. Now your saying to yourself, well shouldn’t you know honey? Actually, I don’t know. With breastfeeding for almost a year and the IUD, who knows what the heck is going on with my inside lady parts. So it could be, but then again, maybe not.

Let’s just hope for all our sakes, the sakes of our husbands, children, significant others and extended family members that the sun comes out, the haze lifts and we all can be right with the world again very soon.

And now that it has been written, let it be so!

Picture of the day

April 26th, 2005

O.K., it was taken a couple weeks back, but I still like it.

Monday, Monday

April 25th, 2005

Since I am still reeling from the party extravaganza of my father’s 70th birthday party, I have not much to say. Or actually, I don’t have the brain power to really form much of a sentence. You see, it is almost 7:00 pm, I have not eaten dinner yet, I have drank one glass of wine (and feel’n it, I am such a cheap lay), the baby is in bed, the others are watching TV, and we did go to swimming lessons this afternoon. Good god, three small children in a large pool area, swimming…it is enough to give even the most hard-asses of mothers a rung out, need to have a drink, help me please sort of feeling.

So, what I have for all my homies today are two funny links.

Thanks to my husband for sharing this funny little link about being fugly. I like these girls!

Thanks to the Fugly girls for letting me find this movie link. I love the add…Pajiba (rhymes with vagina): worth a link just because of that.

You gotta love the internet.

Table talk

April 22nd, 2005

The following is a conversation that ran around our table during last night’s dinner.

PJ: My bottom stingus.

Adam: Your bottom stinks?

PJ: Becoming irritated by her ignorant parents, voice rising… MY BOTTOM SSSTINNNNNNNNNGGGUUUZZZZZAAAAAA!

Mary: Her bottom stings, she has pruritus.

Adam: Oh honey, welcome to the family.

Cup of joe

April 22nd, 2005

I have a fresh pot of Vanilla flavored coffee on this morning just for you. I’ll save you a cup.

Ode to Coffee

April 21st, 2005

Oh sweet coffee
You are my morning
My afternoon too
Without you I am a hollow shell
You bring me to life
I feel your warmth inside me
Ye brown enticing water
Oh, how I love you


April 21st, 2005

Happy 70th Birthday! Wow, 70…that’s old.
Your one and only daughter

Calling all biters

April 20th, 2005

If you have a child who bites, live in the Twin Cities area and want to give your biter a taste of their own medicine, please call me at
1-800-BITEBACK. I would love to set-up a playdate with you.

All forms must be completed before the playdate starts, especially the one that releases me from any damages due to broken skin and bruising that my child will most likely inflict on your child while the playdate is in session.

She is cute and knows how to have fun, but may be potentially dangerous!