February 27th, 2005



This $2.50 bribe saved me from changing her diapers
ALL day long and one or two more just might make that

Churning milk into butter

February 26th, 2005

It is all coming back to me now…why I don’t run while I am breastfeeding. It isn’t that I have this enormous rack to be envious of or that I can’t find a sports bra that fits them. I have several athletic type bras that fit just fine and should be more than adequate. But when there is milk stored up in those bad boys, they turn into different creatures. They change from the old energetic little boobies I had before the birth of the thirdling, to actual breasts that have taken on a life of their own. Their weight is different. Their shape is different. They are denser. They are hotter (yeah they’re STILL hot, but I mean literally). They bounce higher and come down much much harder. They even slosh. I can’t imagine what that milk tastes like after a good hard run. Mmm mmm good!

Potty Talk

February 25th, 2005

PJ is on the potty waiting for me to wipe her bottom clean.

Me: Okay PJ, you’re all clean.

She continues sitting on the potty.

Me: I’m all done, you can get down now.

PJ: He’s not done.

Me: Uuummm, who’s not done?

PJ: Peter Pan. Peter Pan is wiping my bottom.

Alpine Sliders Club

February 24th, 2005

KP participated in his first ever sliding contest down the stairs this morning. He won, by a head. Thank god he is alright. It is at those moments, the brief seconds where you aren’t watching when you should be, or you weren’t organized enough to get the safety gates up, or you just forgot the little guy can actually move, those are the moments that everyone has, but those are also the moments that really bad things can happen. As a parent, those are scary moments.

What scares me even more than parental slip-ups are those times when your kids are just playing around and someone gets hurt, or they are just in the wrong place at the wrong time, or they just happen to get diagnosed with some horrible disease. Those things I have no control over. Those are the things that I don’t dwell on often, because why would you? You could kill yourself with worry. But sometimes I do. And when I do, I realize how fragile life is and if you don’t take every second to live everyday to its fullest you may not have another chance.

So, thank god for my big sturdy headed kids and that we have another day.

Enjoy it!

You Rock!

February 24th, 2005

Just wanted to shout out a THANKS to for my cool new background and to my wonderfully sweet hubby who put it all together.


February 23rd, 2005

I think I want this.

Kid Quote of the Day

February 23rd, 2005

I was trying to figure out how much PJ comprehends what wearing underwear means, and then she looked right at me and said, “Me tinkle in my underwears, me have a problem.”

I guess she gets it.

Mrs. Bickerson meet Erik. Erik meet The Internet.

February 22nd, 2005

Back on February 10th, Erik and Mrs. Bickerson had started a dialog in my comments section. Due to the Bolgus Interruptus (as Adam puts it) I was unable to post Erik’s additional comments. Since Erik is kind of a celebrity on my site or at least I talk about him a lot, I thought I would post his response so everyone on the internet can be filled in, not just Mrs. Bickerson.

So Mrs. Bickerson…your response.

Cupcakes?! I think you have understated the level of your relationship. I am still waiting to be cupcake worthy (and I know exactly what cupcakes you are talking about). Mrs. Bickerson, you were so polite to introduce yourself; I thought I should return the gesture. I am a long time friend of both Mary and Adam. I met them at a wedding of a mutual friend some time in the early 1990’s—we were all just a year or so out of college—pretending to adults, partying like kids. We all drank too much that first, fateful evening and passed out in a hotel that distinguished itself from the others on the strip by its horseshoe-shaped sign. Even through the haze of the hangover from the previous night, I recognized I had met some folks worth getting to know better. But alas like any good story, the route to friendship was circuitous and the end not at all assured. Mary and Adam would live in South Bend, Indiana and then Duluth, Minnesota before our paths would cross again. When they did return to the Twin Cities, they were down and out, living in Adam’s parent’s basement. Maybe they were desperate, maybe our stars were meant to cross, but Mary reached out to an old friend—a woman that I was in a relationship with. As Mary and my partner reconnected, I began a cautious acquaintance with Adam—a friendship that would become the most enduring and important one I have. This is more than a decade ago. Since that time, I owned and disposed of a company with Adam, lost my partner, became the proud Godfather of P.J. and “uncle” to C.T. and K.P., drank their wine and emptied their Scotch (without the decency to replenish it), ate my unfair share of meals at their table, served as hair consultant to the “ringleader”, angered Adam’s father with my progressive politics, frightened Mary’s father with my ambiguous sexuality, dated models, partied with Prince (okay those two are not true), and stalked the blogs of friends (congratulations, by the way, on your marathon in Las Vegas). And so with that I will end. It is my pleasure to meet your acquaintance. I hope that we can meet in real life sometime.

Blogus Interruptus

February 21st, 2005

Down for server rebuild…

9 months old

February 15th, 2005

Yeah, I thought I had this three kid’s thing down pretty well. Well, now you’re crawling, which as far as kids go, means I really do have three. You see, you use to just sit there, which really only equaled a half. But now, NOW YOU’RE CRAWLING, which ups the kid count to a solid three. This does officially put you in the big kid category in this house. You see my friend, now you can get anywhere you want. Now, you can grab anything you want. And now, you can even sword fight with your two older siblings. We will commemorate this momentous month by getting you your vary own sword and chain mail, you?ll need it.

On Guard!