It’s not because he likes fashion…

March 14th, 2012

It’s because he has no shorts that fit.










So why wouldn’t you make your own, at the park on the first really warm day of Spring?

New Installment

March 8th, 2012

After stumbling upon one of KP’s collections, I’ve decided I’m creating a new category called, “Funny shit my kids do”. And by “funny”, I most certainly mean odd.

KP likes to squirrel things away. I think as the third in the line, he feels like he doesn’t own anything of his own. So when he gets something, he wants to keep it, protect it and make sure nothing happens to it.









This is sitting on his desk. The plastic covering came from a toy he got at Christmas. It houses two pottery bowls he made at school.  A snoopy figure CT made at school and a jar of jam that he got from a French restaurant.

I couldn’t tell from just looking what was in the jar, so I dismantled it to find out.

I pulled out the jar and there was an odd shaped light yellow thing inside, it almost looked like a bloated dead wax worm you would use for fishing.

I opened up the lid…ohhhhh, it’s a garlic clove with a little bit of water to keep it nice and moist!

Those Chinese teachers would be proud, they taught the kids how to grow garlic over Christmas break, however it wasn’t in a jar, in the dark, but still there was some good knowledge transfer there, right? After all, he did set the terrarium like display in the sun.

I’ll check back at Easter to give you the mold report.