Summer 2011: Day 75

August 20th, 2011

Late night at my brother and sister-in-laws cabin…I was told to “commit”!

After dusting the kids off from the rodeo and putting them to bed, the adults hung out by the fire. There was lighting many miles to the north and a couple lightning bugs lighting up the lake for us.

As we sipped margaritas by the camp fire with our post rodeo Bud Light buzz on, my brother determined it was time.

Shan, “I think it’s time to commit!” he said and looks at me. “Sis, you ready to commit?!!!”

He walks into the dark and then emerges again with a bottle of I DON’T KNOW WHAT THE HELL IT IS.  Then they kept telling me whatever the hell was in that bottle was fortified, which wasn’t making me feel any better because I am sure that didn’t mean it was packed full of vitamins.

He cracks it open, chucks the cap into the fire and announces it must be finished by passing it back and forth swigging from the bottle like steal away hobos on a train car.











Ohhhh yeah we did!  And honestly, didn’t really have a problem doing it, but then he thought it would be a good idea to open another.

Summer 2011: Day 68

August 14th, 2011











Happy 44 th Birthday to my favorite brother!

Love you!


In the spirit of the sweet baby Jesus

December 22nd, 2009

Yesterday the kids and I brought a tree to my parents house to decorate for them, for Christmas.  This turned out to be one of those labors of love that I would have rather stuck sharp rusty nails into my eyeballs than have to do again. I did not go as I had planned, any of it.

After 7 hours, 3 stores, a trip back to my house, lunch out, 2 snacks, 1 lost dog and three tree stands later, my mom and I stood by the decorated tree and laughed.  The stroke that I thought I was having around 3:00 subsided as the white wine washed away the throbbing temple pain at 7:00.

We continued to laugh as I explained that this was suppose to be no effort for them, just joy and ease.

We laughed even harder at the pot the Christmas tree ended up in, filled with sand and rock and the fact that the tree still DID NOT stand real straight.

We laughed harder still when I reenacted my bout of Coprolalia that occurred during this most lovely tree trimming event.

Then I almost spit out my wine when my oh so sweet mother said,

“Yeah, I found myself saying fuck the other day.  And then I said to myself, FUCK you better FUCKING stop saying the word FUCK!”

And I couldn’t stop laughing as I asked her if I could blog what she just said.

Climbing out

October 29th, 2009

Good golly, I’m sot sure what has happened over the past few weeks or was it just a week or maybe a day?  Ok, I guess I might know what has gone on, but it is a little hazy so bare with me.

The trip to Ohio was great!  The highlight for the kids was the pool at the hotel on either side of the trip and the artificial hips and pace makers they got from my cousin who owns five funeral homes.  There was a good amount of time spent at funeral homes.  Oh yeah and then there was “Clyde’s Funeral” that the kids (and my parents) played out and we got it on CD.  How do you get that on CD do you ask? Well, I come to find out that people steel stuff off of dead bodies during wakes.  So what is a funeral director to do, but put in hidden cameras to catch all the sheenangens.

In all my great smugness of being THE BEST DAUGHTER ON THE FACE OF THE PANET for having brought my parents and three children on a 28 hour car trip to see The Relatives, on the way home I got sick.  And I remained sick, with fever and cough, for SEVEN days.  I just know it was God’s way of taking me down a peg or two, you know that smugness I referred to earlier?  However, PJ got sick too.  Upon reflection, she does need to work off some of her evil ways, so she wasn’t spared either.

During my week of ill, I was crawling out of bed trying to help Omar plan a fairly substantial event called Darkness Day at Surly Brewing Company.  If you did not make it out this year, you should certainly try it out next year.  The food, bands and of course beer were amazing.  So by Saturday, the sick was gone and the party was on!

This week has been filled with catching up on all the other things that happen when three weeks of your life have vanished and you actually forget what your name is and what day it is.

Hi I’m Mary and today is Wednesday Thursday.

Lets here it for my mother!

May 20th, 2009

As most of you know my mother doesn’t really align with me on my LOVE of working out.

But after all these years, today we had this conversation:

Mom:  What are you doing today?

Me:  Going on a bike ride with Todd and Courtney.

Mom:  OH Honey!  It’s so hot and soooo windy.

Me:  dead silence on the other end of the phone.

Mom:  But that means you will get a really good workout in.

Yesterday’s words

January 29th, 2009

My mom was over to watch KP while I went to school for a meeting.  As I was walking out the door this is what was said:

Mom:  Honey, you look tired.

Me:  I don’t have any makeup on.

Mom:  You are going to a meeting with no makeup on?

Me:  Yes, I am going to a meeting with no makeup on AND guess what?  I didn’t even shower.  I’m a volunteer, they’ll take anybody.

Conservative Roots

July 16th, 2008

I come from a family of Republicans.  And while growing up, politics was never a really big topic that we discussed, mulled over or chewed on at the dinner table.  You knew where they stood, period…strongly Republican.

So yesterday my mom called at 8:00 am:

Me:  Hello.

Mom:  I see they have been through your neighborhood.

Me:  Who?  What are you talking about?

Mom:  The Obama sign in your yard.

Me:  Oh yeah, I gave that to Adam for his birthday! Are you driving around my house right now?

Mom:  No.  Your brother saw it this weekend and then called your dad and then your dad told me.

Happy 40th Bro!

August 15th, 2007


Wow…you’re 40, I can’t believe it.  Enjoy every second of it.

Cheers to you.


December 5th, 2005

My dad popped over early this morning. 8:23 to be exact and loaded with a big bag of candy canes for the kids. After they were done mauling him, we had the following conversation.

Have you talked to your mother this morning?

No, why?

I’m surprised she hasn’t called you yet.

WHAT? What’s going on?

I went out for coffee with the guys this morning and before I left I took the garbage and recycling out. And when I came back, your mother had already brought the bins back in.

Yeah, so?

Well, she was Christmas shopping yesterday and she left all the bags on the table…I thought they were garbage. I threw EVERYTHING away.

I let out a large gasp, followed by a loud shriek, all the while holding my hands to my face and squeezing my eyes shut so tight in hopes that if I didn’t see him that he really didn’t do what he just said he did.


Yeah, I know. I’m in trouble, she’s pretty mad. It really did look like garbage.

Catholic guilt

November 8th, 2005

Phone rings.


This is The Father.

Hi Dad.

I was just wondering if you thought I was dead. Since you and your brother don’t call anymore.

You see…it really doesn’t matter to him that we spoke four days ago. If he doesn’t reign supreme in your thoughts on a daily basis he gets feisty or maybe crotchety would be a more fitting word.