So, how did the first day at the new school go?

November 15th, 2013

I am going to let this happy blurry photo speak for itself.

photo (14)











Huge abundance of thanks (and gratitude) to our neighbors, friends and all KP’s new school mates who made him feel so very welcome on the first day of his new adventure.

Day # 1 of the next adventure

November 14th, 2013

5:45am Wake up, shower
6:15am Eat breakfast, make bed, brush teeth
6:45am Fill backpack with all new school supplies.
6:55am Take many deep breaths.
7:00am Head off to tutoring.
8:45am Return home.
9:00am Head off to new school, more deep breaths.

photo (12)












We walked into the school and immediately saw KP’s new teacher,  who I will refer to as Mr. Bobbie (cause KP would really like to call him that). He walked us to the classroom. As we walked we talked. He showed us KP’s desk. We unpacked his things. Knute asked questions about what the red folder was for and the green folder and what the schedule was and when is lunch and where should I put all the pencils and who the the GIRLS who sit next to me and how are you going to introduce me and do I have a locker….

So many questions, so very nervous. His biggest fear today, that he was going to be so nervous he would cry. He did not want to cry today.


Once he was settled, Mr. Bobbie opened the door to show him his locker. Other kids where now streaming into the hallway. The first face he saw, he knew. I said hi to the kiddo and then asked if he would show KP the ropes today. He said, “awww totally!” I looked at KP asked if he wanted me to stay long. He said, “Nope, you can go.”


I walked back in to talk a bit with Mr. Bobbie. Minutes later I headed out of the classroom and into the hall.


I turned to look back at my boy. He was surrounded by a group of kids all abuzz, with a smile on his face from ear to ear. I turned and left.

You have friends and then…you have FRIENDS

November 13th, 2013

KP’s best friend in the whole-wide-world-since-he-was-wee-little moved to New York City this past summer. THAT was a tough transition but they face time and keep in touch and know deep down in their little souls that they will always be buddies.

If Pete was still in Minnesota, he and KP would now be going to the same school. Irony of ironies. Since he is not, he decided to send an email to his friends that are still there.

Hey every body,

Im sending this to Macee,Calvin,Isabelle. I’m in New York City it’s really fun! 
My best friend might be in your class starting Thursday.  his name you might remember is Knute! Just letting you know he’s my best friend. I’ve spent more time with him than maybe some people in my family (brother)!

(If you see him say hi and welcome him.)

Thanks every one, your friend,Peter!
photo (11)
Ohhh Pete…we miss you. Thanks for being such a kick ass friend.

Birthday season is upon us

April 22nd, 2013

It’s amazing, most of our family members have a birthday in the spring or summer. It’s like Christmas all over again. We start off with CT in early April and end with my brother in August. BAAM BAAM BAAM and you turn around twice and then you have those outliers in the fall but really much of the celebratory birthday partying goes on starting now.

Yesterday, April 21, was my dad’s birthday. All day long I thought of him. The things he enjoyed, the times we spent together, the fact that I didn’t seem sad. It was odd. I wondered why. Does time really heal a gaping wound like that? Am I far enough away to not feel that aching loss anymore?

I drove around by his tree at Lake Calhoun. We toasted him at dinner. I wanted to buy a birthday cake, Adam assured me that was a little too much and then the day ended.











I posted this photo yesterday on FB with “Happy Birthday Dad” as the title. It wasn’t until today when Roxie texted me that she saw the post and it made her cry.

Then it came.

The tears.

The broken heartedness you feel at the loss of a parent.

The sadness for all that is missing because he is gone.

The text that simply tipped me into tears.

Time…it helps the severity of the ache but it certainly doesn’t take away the pain of the loss.

As Roxi said to me, it’s “the big days you end up bracing yourself for and it’s those moments when your guard is down when it gets you.” And it’s so true.

Dad I miss you, not just on your birthday but on everyday.

The Mary Sellke Year of Fun 2013…

April 14th, 2013

Yeah, what the hell does that mean?

For the past three years I have taken to spending much of my extra time (and money) training for Ironman and or marathons (those however seem to be more of a bi-product of Ironman training than actual ability to be a solid marathoner). Those years took a tremendous amount of dedication, time, focus and energy.  At certain points in training, it took me away from my family, eight hours on a bike in Wisconsin can do that. It also took a great deal of support from my family, to which I am so grateful, I could not have done it without them.

All that said, I would not change anything about those three years, with the exception of I wish I had been fast enough to make it to the World Championships in Kona but you can’t have everything, right? Or maybe let’s just say, that fight might not be over yet.  But, it is for this year.

This year is all about encompassing adventures I like, have wanted to do in the past, training that doesn’t take up too much time and most importantly these events must be done with my friends. Events and races are great but sharing them with friends is so much more satisfying.

Yesterday started off  the year of fun with the Fred Kurz 10 mile run.









It is a small little race out in Wayzata that fit perfectly into training for a half marathon in a few weeks. The only problem, our spring has left us with snow. The Luce Line ended up being a single track snow compacted trail run. It was hard, kinda horrible and absolutely great to be out there with Becca and Di.











The hardest thing about this year, I have no idea how to put it all together into a solid training plan. It’s diverse to say the least. Here’s the schedule so far:

Year of Fun:

Minnetonka 1/2 Marathon

Lake Minnetonka Sprint Tri

Tough Mudder


If you wanna join in a piece of that, I would love to have you. If you have an additional race you wanna do, let me know, I might be game.


Spectacular Bitch

March 4th, 2012

Peevish Mama, what can I say…if I could heist one sixteenth of her beauty, style, talent and utter coolness, I think I would be a rock star.  She is one of the people in my world that when we see each other on the rarest of occasions, I walk away thinking, damn I need to see her more.

Spectacular Bitch is her newest endeavor and she was kind enough to help me out with my inability to see beyond bike shorts.




Summer 2011: Day 73

August 19th, 2011

Total style points!









This is the Bickerson Mobile…they are off for the weekend in it and PJ gets to go.

Oh so jealous.

Summer 2011: Day 67

August 13th, 2011











What on earth have I been waiting for?  Ohhh Sea Salt!











I’m not sure how your Birthday night ended…but I am guessing real fine!

Happy Birthday.

Summer 2011: Day 65

August 11th, 2011









Wayzata Beach

Summer 2011: Day 63

August 10th, 2011