I can’t stop looking

March 11th, 2009

Thanks to T-odd I now find myself checking out the amazing deals at Steep and Cheap way too often.

Here’s how it works:

  • Steep and Cheap sells one screamin’ deal at a time until it’s gone.
  • The deals are fat, so they sell out fast.
  • You have to act fast or you’ll miss it, but don’t stress—as soon as one deal sells out, we kick off another.
  • It’s back-to-back deals all day long.

For those of you who love a deal, enjoy!

Wow that made me happy

June 26th, 2008

I keep things waaaay too long.  Again, for those of you that don’t know, I’m cheap or frugal as I like to think of it.

Yesterday I got out of the pool and per usual put my flip flops on.  These flip flops  I had bought while I was in high school.  I am now 38.

I purchased these flip flops while I was on a summer diving team that was filled with really cool kids.  They were cool because they were REALLY talented and some were REALLY cute and some were just REALLY a-holes that just thought they were talented and cute.  I got to dive with these people for the summer and at one of our meets there were vendors selling wears.  All the cool kids seemed to have Sensi sandals, so I too had to have them.  If my diving wasn’t good enough, at least I had the sandals.

So I bought them.  All these years they have never fit right, just a touch too small.  But far be it from me to throw something away that is perfectly useful even though it isn’t perfect.

Yesterday, when I put my sandals on and took my first step toward the showers, one strap snapped.  It broke.  When I looked down and saw that the sandals that I had headed to the showers with after swimming and diving for 23 years finally fucking broke, a smile so big broke across my face and all that ran through my mind was, Thank God…FINALLY.

When I replace them I’m going to make damn sure they fit because I may be 61 before I buy a new pair.

New Category

October 1st, 2007

I never thought of people reading blogs by “categories” until my friend Becca told me she did.

A few days after my conversation with Becca, I was going out to a play and had nothing to wear.  I found an old maternity sweater which was left out because it was suppose to go to my friend Anne Marie.  Somehow it didn’t.

And somehow, it made it onto my body in a last ditch effort to find something to wear.  It seemed to fit, work with the black pants I had on, it did not make me look pregnant.  No one was the wiser that I was wearing a maternity sweater out to dinner and a play.

And at that very moment a new category was born…The Ultimate Cheap Ass.