Editing Life

February 29th, 2012

Sometimes life gets so busy things fall by the wayside, tip off the edge and go rolling nowhere fast.

Last year, due to kids and work and training, I took a good look at a few things and had to purposefully cut them out or say no.  I’ve learned to say no, to let things slide and to, what I call, Edit My Life.

Every Wednesday my calendar reminds me that I have to go teach swimming lessons.  I left this job, that I did not particularly enjoy but it gave me things I needed in regards to training.

One day, one of my new revolving bosses came up to me and said I was going to have to teach more in order for them to keep me on staff.  I told them I couldn’t give them anymore, they kept asking and I kept saying no.  They wouldn’t keep me on for a few lessons a week no matter how many mommies and kids liked me, and they let me go.

Not having that job has been one of the best edits that has taken place.  I keep it on my calendar as a reminder to me to stay true to what I want to do, give of my time wisely and give where it’s important.

Every Wednesday when my reminder pops up, I smile and a think, I am so glad I made that choice.