Summer 2011: Day 76

August 22nd, 2011











See, if you wait until the weeds get as big as your kid….they are much easier to pull!

Summer 2011: Day 75

August 20th, 2011

Late night at my brother and sister-in-laws cabin…I was told to “commit”!

After dusting the kids off from the rodeo and putting them to bed, the adults hung out by the fire. There was lighting many miles to the north and a couple lightning bugs lighting up the lake for us.

As we sipped margaritas by the camp fire with our post rodeo Bud Light buzz on, my brother determined it was time.

Shan, “I think it’s time to commit!” he said and looks at me. “Sis, you ready to commit?!!!”

He walks into the dark and then emerges again with a bottle of I DON’T KNOW WHAT THE HELL IT IS.  Then they kept telling me whatever the hell was in that bottle was fortified, which wasn’t making me feel any better because I am sure that didn’t mean it was packed full of vitamins.

He cracks it open, chucks the cap into the fire and announces it must be finished by passing it back and forth swigging from the bottle like steal away hobos on a train car.











Ohhhh yeah we did!  And honestly, didn’t really have a problem doing it, but then he thought it would be a good idea to open another.

Summer 201: Day 74

August 19th, 2011











Dad leaves for RAGNAR.

Good Luck, be safe, run like the wind!

Summer 2011: Day 73

August 19th, 2011

Total style points!









This is the Bickerson Mobile…they are off for the weekend in it and PJ gets to go.

Oh so jealous.

Summer 2011: Day 72

August 18th, 2011











Girl’s Night Out with PJ.  Wow, I forgot how much I love Kiddie Cocktails!

Thanks P, that was fun.

Summer 2011: Day 71

August 17th, 2011











With one rip of the sticker…love is revealed!

Summer 2011: Day 70

August 16th, 2011











Origami Love from PJ.

Summer 2011: Day 69

August 15th, 2011











The fashion show pose, oh yeah, work it!

Summer 2011: Day 68

August 14th, 2011











Happy 44 th Birthday to my favorite brother!

Love you!


Summer 2011: Day 67

August 13th, 2011











What on earth have I been waiting for?  Ohhh Sea Salt!











I’m not sure how your Birthday night ended…but I am guessing real fine!

Happy Birthday.