Summer 2011: Day 52

July 30th, 2011








And if you want to see Honey Adam in action….here you go!

Summer 2011: Day 51

July 29th, 2011











Mt. Rushmore

Summer 2011: Day 50

July 28th, 2011









Heading out on our family vacation to Grand Junction, CO!

Summer 2011: Day 49

July 27th, 2011











You know your friends are solid when….

Erik came over for dinner the other night.  He walked through the door and I greeted him with a, “I’m crabby and tired!”.  He simply started unbuttoning his shirt and said, “Well, this will make you feel better!”

Yup, it did.

Thanks Erik!


Summer 2011: Day 48

July 26th, 2011









It’s time.

I use to be able to puzzle it back together and then give a swift kick and it would stay in place.

Then when that started to not be effective, I used duct tape.

When that failed,  I use a zip tie.

Now it’s just plain’ol time to fix the damn thing.

Summer 2011: Day 47

July 25th, 2011







CT took this with my iphone…I have no idea how.

Summer 2011: Day 46

July 24th, 2011

Team Bitch Slayer

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Jon, Nate and Becca take on the 70.3 for the first time.

I took on back to back 70.3 races.

We all made it through unscathed.

Congrats Team Bitch Slayer.

Summer 2011: Day 45

July 23rd, 2011

Hmmm, wonder whose kid this is

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Summer 2011: Day 44

July 22nd, 2011










There is always something magical about meeting up with dear friends who you haven’t seen in years. When the friendship transcends years seen and space apart and you could sit in the cafe and talk forever, just as you did in college.

Those are lucky moments in time.

Summer 2011: Day 43

July 21st, 2011











Do you see who that is?

My husband running next to My coach.

He has showed up to run hills at Kenwood. He is training with MY coach! WTH? Not sure he’s allowed, but he’s here.

I think the first thing out of this mouth to Di was, “Yeah, I’m gonna run Mary right off the fucking team!”

Game on baby!

Oh, welcome to the team.