Last Game

October 19th, 2011

This kid, the kid with the ball, he loves football.









I get the bad mom of the year award by forgetting to register him on time. In fact, thank god for my seeing the fact that Whit was at the high school stadium with her kid on FB or I would have never realized my mistake.

CT eventually got signed up. He was placed on a team where he knew no one. All the kids were from different schools.

What I love about this kid is, it didn’t matter one bit to him. ┬áHe went straight in to the heart of the beast and never looked back.

Dagger in the heart

October 14th, 2011

My youngest child just lost his front tooth.











This is the first tug of “OMG there are no more children after him” I have ever felt.

That doesn’t mean I want anymore after him, I’m just surprised I’m feeling anything about his missing tooth at all.