Kitty Cat Heaven

May 8th, 2009

Sweet Arthur died last night.  Our ten year old Devon Rex that has been with us through two moves, the birth of three kids and the addition of all the other wildlife that has come into our house.

He started having breathing problems yesterday, so I took him to the vet.  They told me he had pulmonary edema and put him on Lasix and said that he most likely has congestive heart failure.  I did not realize when I left the vet that he would not be with us the next day.

It’s been hardest on CT.  They are true buddies. They always have been, even when CT was a baby, we would find Arthur in his crib while he slept.  That has not changed, CT will miss him sleeping on his head.

To watch your children be so heart broken over the loss of their pet is difficult.  It’s pain you can’t take away.

As Erik so kindly wrote today,

“Arthur has gone to get his claws and balls back–to a place where there are no screens on the doors and no counter top rules. He was the statesman among the fish, kids, hamster and hound.  He was a ranking member of the family, part of the gang, a buddy.  My heart goes out to
you all, and especially CT.  I miss him already.”

We miss you too little buddy, we miss you too.

The Cat Man

March 23rd, 2009

This is our friend Erik.

We have known him for a VERY long time.

He was over for dinner last week and while we were tipping back some wine and chatting, up pops Arthur to sit right next to him, just like this.

Arthur has no idea how close he is to freedom with this man.  If Erik had his druthers, he would steal our cats from us.

Even before we got Lucy, Erik never thought our cat ownership skills were ever really up to snuff and I know he has secret designs on how he is going to take them far away from their chaotic kitty cat hell hole or as I like to call it, our lovely home.

But just so you know Cat Man, you aren’t getting’em, know matter how much they love you up.

Learning from the best

November 6th, 2008

Do you see the gloves? Under the gloves is blood. The girl in the blue is the Vet’s assistant. They almost needed three people to take him down.

This is all over a SHOT.  I wish I had audio.  KP was curled into a ball in my lap.

Of course, when you adopt a dog, all your other pets need to be up to snuff on their shots. And, gulp, the cats had not seen the vet since 2000 (the year CT was born). So here we go. Off to the vet to get the cats ready for the dog.

And after I told them Arthur would be the easier of the two cats to deal with, the woman in the blue, as I am taking the photo, was saying “you did it, you did, you won, you won the award for the worst cat I have ever given a shot to.”

I told her, that’s nothing, you should see my daughter.

Cat pondering shit

January 8th, 2005


I have no idea where this piece of shit came from. I am so not kidding. Initially, I thought it was cat shit, then I thought it was cat puke and upon closer inspection

The best cat toy in town

January 6th, 2005

I watched the cat, and what it was doing, and thought