Baby got new shoes

September 22nd, 2005

If either of the other two kids gets a hold of this information I am sure it will come back to haunt me, but I did it anyway. I bought a FULL price designer brand shoe for my third child’s first pair of shoes.

I know, stop…I can’t believe I did it either.

I’m not sure what came over me. The other two certainly never got full price shoes. They may have gotten fancy-shmancy Italian made shoes, but only at a deeply discounted rate. Usually they came from Target and were made out of plastic, unable to breathe and stiff as boards, making it even more of a challenge to walk than without the shoe.

It’s not that I think KP deserves better than the other two. It’s just, it’s just, it’s just…his feet are like blocks; they are as wide, as they are long, as they are high and cramming him into a pair of cheap shoes just doesn’t seem right.

So, viva la fat feet. Enjoy your size 5-extra wides while you can and DO NOT get use to this type of luxury. I have a whole bin of CT’s old narrow shoes with your name on’em.

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