Did you pull?

September 9th, 2005

CT’s lower left front tooth is just hanging on by a thread. The adult tooth is already up fairly high in back and keeps pushing the baby tooth to the right and forward. It actually looks like he has already lost a tooth because the gap has gotten so big (he can stick a straw through it) due to all the movement. But he doesn’t want it pulled. He seems happy to sit and wait.

Adam wants to pull it. He pulled all is own teeth as a kid, even if they weren’t too lose. He can’t stand to watch a good lose tooth just sit in that kid’s mouth, he wants it out. He has even gone so far as to say, “CT that tooth is so lose it’s going to fall out when you’re sleeping, you’re going to swallow it and then the tooth fairy won’t come because there’s no tooth.” I threw him a look and rolled my eyes when he said this. He responded, “What? It’s true, no tooth, no tooth fairy”.

Now I am a different story all together. I let mine just dangle. I wouldn’t let anyone touch them, any of them. They had to fall out on their own. If any one came near me with their fingers I would run for the hills shrieking. My neighbor friend Julie always got her teeth pulled by her parents. I even think they did the, tie a string around the tooth and slam the door trick. Of course they always wanted me to come over so they could tie mine up and slam the door. I would have none of that!

So, when I look at CT’s tooth it makes me cringe. I don’t even like wiggling it, which of course he wants us to do all the time, especially at the dinner table with food in his mouth and something caked into the gaping crevasse where half of his baby tooth was not so long ago. I can’t even stand watching Adam pretend he is going to pull it out, because I think he might actually just do it.

We will all just have to wait to find out…will CT crumble under the pressure of his dad’s itchy fingers? Or, will he wait it out? Stay tuned.

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