Oh where, oh where, has my little Mary gone?

September 6th, 2005

Hi everyone. Sorry about that little blip. Let’s see, how to catch you up…
We were having problems with a little Movable Type upgrade, then I decided to take a few more days off from writing, then we went on a trip to our second family reunion of the summer, 12 hours each way in a car with three small children, YES I did give them Dramamine both ways, then my hip started hurting along with my knees, now CT has a tooth that is growing up behind his baby tooth but that baby tooth won’t give up its one last root (I gotta get ya all a shot of it before we loose it-it’s yucky), KP got his first haircut and I couldn’t get a shot of that because out of all three children he is the one and only one that doesn’t like getting hair cuts and therefore had to sit in my lap while we both got covered in brown curly hair, my cousin who found love on the internet got married, I finished This Boy’s Life: A Memoir by Tobias Wolff and LOVED it, I am starting In Pharaoh’s Army also by Tobias Wolff and we have a hum dinger of a day tomorrow which I promise to tell you all about, tomorrow.

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