Herding cats

December 12th, 2005

I’m really trying not to get stressed-out about the upcoming Holidays. But honestly, it’s not working. Between the cookies that are not made, the floor that is filled with heaping piles of laundry, the fondue dinner party we are having this weekend (that is no where near even thought about), our 12 year Anniversary that is coming-up, the presents that aren’t bought and last but not least the Christmas cards that I can’t get one decent photo for.

I love getting photo Christmas cards of all my relatives and their kids and my friends and their kids and even all the cats and dogs that make it into the photos. And, I like composing my photos and sending them out to our friends and family with glad tidings to all. But this year, trying to get a picture of all three kids is absolutely ridiculous. I have made three attempts to capture my little cherubs so I could send them out. It is sooooo not working.

One sits nicely, one sits but with a scowl on her face and the other you couldn’t get to sit in one spot for three seconds. You would think with all the photos I take of these kids there would be one good one. Or, not even a good one, but a funny one where no one is doing what they should be, but artistically it works out. No, no, no!

So, if you don’t get our Holiday greeting this year, don’t think you didn’t make the cut. I just couldn’t cut it.


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