A stitch in summer time

June 12th, 2007

As of late, I find myself with no time to blog. No time to string together a story. No time to sit and just think.

It’s ok. The things that make my life busy are what they are. They are my choice. Not that I wouldn’t like to scrape out a little more time, but it’s just not there.

The newest addition to the mayhem…my kids are ALL here. All of them. And this week, the week before CT starts summer school, it feels more important to run wild, eat crunch dipped ice cream cones, stay at the pool way too long and stay up way to late.

My hope is for us to find a great summer rhythm. Some sort of beat that works for us all. That helps us work together and enjoy the beauty of each other and the short lived but most delicious weather this time of year has to offer.

Welcome summer, we’ve been waiting for you.

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