Super Summer Reading Chart

June 25th, 2007

To help CT along with his reading this summer I have organized a very impressive (only to myself) multi tiered chart and reward system. Really, why make it easy?

So the quick run down goes like this…If you read a book you get a stamp. If you read a book and write a three sentence book report on the book just read, you get a stamp in the “prizes” section of the chart. If you get 10 prize stamps you get a prize and so forth and so on.

A few of the books CT chooses from our collection are a little questionable in my opinion. He likes the really easy books or the books he know by heart or just picture books (he sometimes must think I am a complete idiot). Today he chose Everyone Poops, which would not have been a first choice of mine for him to read but he has been at school all morning so what the hell.

And here is his three sentence report.

It is funy win they say that a one hump camel has a one hump poop.
It is cool win they show animals eteing.
I wondr why animals stop to poop.

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