My life’s new tag line

June 25th, 2009

Once again I found myself at baseball last night, our new beloved pastime.  I sat on the bleachers with my in-laws, PJ running about the park with her new girlie friends and KP trying his hardest to find someone who would give him money to feed his candy addiction.  Lucky enough, Papa was there to give the kid 25 cents.

After his injection of neon green icee that spilled all over his white shirt and a spattering of drool from the bright blue airhead juice, he sat down in the dirt and dust of the ball park to pull some weeds, that turned into a bouquet for me.

He brought them over and climbed up into my lap.  He looked down at the mess that was all over himself and said, “Mom, I need a bath.”

I responded, “Oh, we’ll get you all cleaned up tomorrow at swim lessons.”

The mom sitting next to me burst out laughing and said, “Well…at least you have a plan!”

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