Look who showed up and went boom

April 22nd, 2010

A while ago, T-odd broke-up with our little girly running group.  Yeah it was hard on us for a little bit but he said, “Oh it’s all me…not you, you guys are great I just need to move, need my own space, find my way.”  Haven’t you heard that before?

Anyway, I was running with Jen last week and T-odd joined us for the first 2.5 seconds of the run, that was right before he put on his jet pack.

As Jen and I were finishing our run, we see T-odd walking back in the opposite direction toward his car.

We come to find out that he bit it…HARD.  Really hard.

His foot got all caught up in his very loopy lace and he went down flat but still had enough strength to shut off his watch.

Here is the detailed version of the fall, including the trip to the doctor the next day for an x-ray of his rib.

But there was no mention of Jen, who with the meds that she was packing, nursed him back to health.

What up with that?

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