One week to go

April 11th, 2011

I have always loved “last of the last” sort of things.  Those are the what are you going to do the last day before school gets out or what are you going to do the last week of summer vacation, types of things.  It’s a strange way of eking every last second out of what is left.

This is my last week of training before Boston, which falls right in line with my “last of the last” thinking.  It is pretty unconventional with all the biking, but really, we are already behind on all that business (no need to worry about that until next Tuesday morning) so why not tie it into a taper?


  • 10-20 mile bike, mostly flat. Yes, you can do the greenway if you want to stay in your comfort zone.
  • 30 minute clearance run afterwards


  • Track work. Likely about 10-15 x 120 on the turf with full recoveries and some dynamic stretching.
  • Easy clearance swim.


  • 10-20 mile bike, mostly flat.
  • Good day for yoga or a massage.


  • 5 mile EASY Foundation run with 8 strides at the end. Also any form running drills you want. Stretch WELL.
  • Easy clearance swim.


  • 30 minute clearance run. Optional strides at the end. No more than 4 strides.


  • OFF. Drink a ton of water and keep your feet up, as much as possible.


  • 20 minute clearance run, a few form running drills. Do strides until you feel loose and fast.


  • 26.2 miles. I’d like you to choose a fairly hill course, preferably somewhere in the northeast. I’ve heard Boston is nice this time of year.


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