How lucky

August 17th, 2011

This week, CT and I have been kick’n it solo.  The other two little  monkeys are off at Chinese camp trying to remember how to move their mouths in such a fashion as to make those amazing sounds of language come out right.

Yesterday CT and I spent most of the day together: we had lunch, we ran errands, we did a little shopping, we cruised around town.

It’s a rare moment that I have only one child with me.  It’s a rare moment that I am not trying to do twelve things at once.

I realized (yet again) yesterday how fast I’m spinning and how fast my kids are growing up.

I have always known that CT is a great kid, but yesterday, I realized just how much more wonderful he has become.

He is funny and smart and super witty.  He is lovely and kind and generous.

As the day drew to a close, I squeezed him tight and thanked him for the day we had together…what a gift.



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