April 17th, 2013

I couldn’t look away from the coverage of the Boston explosions.

I couldn’t help but continually reliving the moment in time I ran down that exact street looking for that finish line, anticipating being done, looking forward to celebrating with my family and friends all the while being carried in by the energy of the throngs of cheering spectators.

What happened is senseless.

It could have been me.

That eight year old that died, could have been KP.

The shear carnage.The amazing bravery. The two seem to go hand in hand in times like these.

Random violence can happen at anytime to anyone.

If you let it eat away at you, they get what they want.

So you carry on and continue to believe that goodness will beat back evil.

Boston my heart bleeds for you, for the runners, for their families and for the sad sick individual who thought making those bombs was somehow a good idea.




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