Kid quote of the day

September 15th, 2005

PJ was screaming at the top of her lungs because I wasn’t giving into her demand of coloring with a permanent black Sharpie pen on top of the wooden counter tops.

She concluded the tantrum bellowing, “THEN I PUT MY FINGER IN MY BUTT!”

Fairy dust has landed

September 14th, 2005

CT lost his tooth.

And yes, Adam pulled it.

With a little Novocain jell from the dentist, CT found his strength, tried to pull it himself and then dad got in there and popped that sucker right out.

No problem.

nano nano

September 14th, 2005

He did it. Four months to the day later, he found me the perfect gift that he wanted me to have for my 35th birthday…the Apple nano.

It is even personalized:

Now, only I need to hear Aretha Franklin belting out R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

Thanks baby, I love it.

And she’s off

September 13th, 2005

Today was PJ’s first day of preschool. She has been ready for preschool since last year. Watching CT go in and out of those classroom doors and not being invited to stay for two solid years, was almost too much for her to handle.

But today, it was her turn.

This exciting morning, this day of all days, she donned her princess outfit (which includes a pink frilly unitard and a ballet skirt with flowers and a bell for good measure) just to make a good first impression I am sure.

After breakfast she slapped on her pink flower back pack and Velcroed up her “good” sandals as quick as she could and was ready to go.

Once we got there she ran right into that room, washed her hands, sat down at the table and got to work on her play dough, never once looking back.

When we came to pick her up she immediately hit me and yelled, “I’M NOT LEAVING!”

I guess she had a good time.

Butt you can’t talk like that at school

September 12th, 2005

Thanks to my husband, who this weekend, after I had come back from a run and in front of the kids, told me I smelled. He not only told me I smelled, but he told me I smelled like BUTT. And for the rest of the day we got to hear our children repeat exactly what my husband told me…YOU SMELL LIKE BUTT.

Good luck Miss Ann

September 10th, 2005

Me: PJ, your preschool letter came in the mail today. Your preschool teacher’s name is Miss Ann.

PJ: I don’t like her!

Did you pull?

September 9th, 2005

CT’s lower left front tooth is just hanging on by a thread. The adult tooth is already up fairly high in back and keeps pushing the baby tooth to the right and forward. It actually looks like he has already lost a tooth because the gap has gotten so big (he can stick a straw through it) due to all the movement. But he doesn’t want it pulled. He seems happy to sit and wait.

Adam wants to pull it. He pulled all is own teeth as a kid, even if they weren’t too lose. He can’t stand to watch a good lose tooth just sit in that kid’s mouth, he wants it out. He has even gone so far as to say, “CT that tooth is so lose it’s going to fall out when you’re sleeping, you’re going to swallow it and then the tooth fairy won’t come because there’s no tooth.” I threw him a look and rolled my eyes when he said this. He responded, “What? It’s true, no tooth, no tooth fairy”.

Now I am a different story all together. I let mine just dangle. I wouldn’t let anyone touch them, any of them. They had to fall out on their own. If any one came near me with their fingers I would run for the hills shrieking. My neighbor friend Julie always got her teeth pulled by her parents. I even think they did the, tie a string around the tooth and slam the door trick. Of course they always wanted me to come over so they could tie mine up and slam the door. I would have none of that!

So, when I look at CT’s tooth it makes me cringe. I don’t even like wiggling it, which of course he wants us to do all the time, especially at the dinner table with food in his mouth and something caked into the gaping crevasse where half of his baby tooth was not so long ago. I can’t even stand watching Adam pretend he is going to pull it out, because I think he might actually just do it.

We will all just have to wait to find out…will CT crumble under the pressure of his dad’s itchy fingers? Or, will he wait it out? Stay tuned.

Drum roll please

September 8th, 2005

With great encouragement from his older brother and a spatula in his hand, KP took his first solo steps today!

Way to go little buddy.

We are having technical difficulty with uploading photos but once we get that hammered out you will get to see him in all his glory trudging through the world on those short stocky little legs of his.

And he’s off

September 7th, 2005

He was excited. I was excited. PJ said she would miss him and KP threw a cup at him and laughed. His backpack was packed, his items were marked and he was ready to start on his next adventure…KINDERGARTEN.

He stepped on that big empty bus with all the courage he could muster as old crabby Bill the bus drive welcomed him aboard and PJ and I waved him goodbye.

Three hours later, the bus returns and deposits CT at his stop. Out he comes smiling from ear to ear exclaiming that he LOVED IT and that his favorite part of the day was making new friends.

He told me about some of the work that they did at school and that he brought it home to put on the fridge. He pulled it out and showed me. On his first day of Kindergarten they worked on writing A’s, big and small. I looked at it, started to tear-up and thought to myself…what a great place to start!

Oh where, oh where, has my little Mary gone?

September 6th, 2005

Hi everyone. Sorry about that little blip. Let’s see, how to catch you up…
We were having problems with a little Movable Type upgrade, then I decided to take a few more days off from writing, then we went on a trip to our second family reunion of the summer, 12 hours each way in a car with three small children, YES I did give them Dramamine both ways, then my hip started hurting along with my knees, now CT has a tooth that is growing up behind his baby tooth but that baby tooth won’t give up its one last root (I gotta get ya all a shot of it before we loose it-it’s yucky), KP got his first haircut and I couldn’t get a shot of that because out of all three children he is the one and only one that doesn’t like getting hair cuts and therefore had to sit in my lap while we both got covered in brown curly hair, my cousin who found love on the internet got married, I finished This Boy’s Life: A Memoir by Tobias Wolff and LOVED it, I am starting In Pharaoh’s Army also by Tobias Wolff and we have a hum dinger of a day tomorrow which I promise to tell you all about, tomorrow.